Registration Statements

SRFC has extensive experience in the preparation and filing of registration statements, including filings on Forms S-1, S-3, S-4, S-8 and 10, as well as filings for foreign filers on Forms F-1, F-4, F-6 and 20-F, whether such filings are for new companies seeking to go public or companies that are already public and are seeking to register securities for sale or resale. SRF regularly files registration statements relating to the proposed resale of shares issued, or underlying other securities issued, in PIPE and other alternative financing transactions, including equity lines of credit. SRF has also had extensive involvement with the preparation and filing of registration statements covering the proposed future sale of securities, a process whereby the issuers take them “off the shelf” when needed. SRFCs model for registrations statements is unique and has been developed over many years of filings and working closely with the staff of the Securities and Exchange Commission with respect to such filings. We believe in working efficiently to our fullest potential on each and every filing. Our experience and expertise in this area has also allowed us to develop and offer our clients a flat-rate billing alternative so that they can get the most out of our attorneys and are fully aware of what the costs will be ahead of time.